New work delivered to Canvas Gallery in Toronto

New paintings inspired by that little girl in the red cape, now on display at Canvas Gallery in Toronto.

Into the Woods II  12″x12″  $485

Into the Woods III  12″x12″  $485

Into the Woods I  6″x24″  $485

along with one of my favourite muses, the birch tree.

Shimmer 24″x60″  $2900

New Work at Mad Dog Gallery

I have just delivered some new work to Mad Dog Gallery, here in beautiful Prince Edward County in time for their holiday show, “Good Things Come in Small Packages”.This group show runs till December 24th.  Gallery is open daily.  

Why not give the gift of art this season?


Cold Embrace 12″x12″

A Winter Moment 12″x12″

Field of Plenty 12″x12″


Solo Show opens at Mad Dog Gallery and runs till September 3rd.


Solem Skies 24″x 30″ (SOLD)  Infinite Skies 18″x60″

My show, “Under Canadian Skies”, opened with a wonderful reception by Anne House and Brian Clark of Mad Dog Gallery.  Located in beuatiful Prince Edward County, the gallery and grounds are works of art in and of themselves.  Show runs till September  3rd.  Open daily.

Lake’s Apparition 42″x42″ (SOLD)                                                           Distant Skies 40″x40″

Cloud Contemplation XVI  24″x 24″  Solemn Skies I 10″x 10″, Skies in Flux 10″x 10″

Upon Golden Fields  24″x 6″

Passing Clouds 30″x 36″       Lake Musings II 69″ x 34″

Under Canadian Skies opens today at Elevation Gallery in Canmore.

Opening reception is from 2-5 pm today.  Drop by if you find yourself in this wonderful part of Western Canada.

Have you every noticed how often you look to the skies? Whether it be watching the arrival of an oncoming storm or lying on our backs on a hot summer’s day lazily gazing upwards. We find ourselves looking for shapes and figures in passing cumulus clouds or running for cover from the menacing skies of a storm.  The skies dictate the emotions of nature and often that of man.  At dusk they dazzle us with technicolour sunsets reminding us of their artistic prowess, whereas at night they shine and twinkle holding within their folds of darkness the possibility of other worlds.  The skies can make even the most powerful of men succumb to their greatness.

In this series I have elevated the sky to it’s rightful dominance.  At least half to three quarters of each canvas is devoted to the sky as the subject matter.  Using blowtorches, heat guns and household irons to manipulate the wax across the surfaces of my boards I have endeavoured to capture the many moods and magnificence of the sky. 

-Susan Wallis  

Click here to see work available at Elevation Gallery.

New work at Mad Dog Gallery in time for Christmas!





“Meet Me at the Beach” solo show at Mad Dog gallery continues to August 28th.

New work inspired the beautiful beaches of the County on display at Mad Dog Gallery

Summer Time Blues 20x6 2016

Deep Waters 69x34 2016

Summer Splash24x602016

Waves at Midnight 48x6 2016

Art in the County

My painting,  “Passionate Ending” will be on display during Art in the County from June 24th – July 10th on the 2nd floor of Books and Company in Picton.

Passionate Ending 46x46 2016

Wonderful reception in Canmore, Alberta to our show!



It was an wonderful opportunity to showcase new work with my husband Glen Wallis at Elevation Gallery in Canmore, Alberta.  Show opened March 19th and continues to March 28th.

Show in Canmore opens March 19th, 2016!


Show opening in Montreal on November 26th!


Below are some of the new work delivered to Galerie Saint-Dizier today in preparation for my show opening on November 26th.  I am a really excited about this show, not only because of how happy I am with the new pieces, but also because I will be showcased beside another Canadian artist Patricia Morris.

Big Skies 46x46_2015_LR  Blue Sanctuary 48x48   

Summer Clouds 36x24 2015

Graffiti skies 34x69 2015_LR  Duet 24x72 2015The Glorious Ending 69x24

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