Taking the pulse of the forest-02

Landscapes are simply not what we see, but rather an interpretation veiled through our personal feelings and experiences. To really see our landscape we use our senses, our intellect and our emotions, our whole being. It means looking beyond the simple labeling of things. A tree is more than just a tree, a field, a field or a lake, a lake. Some landscapes have the power of evoking numerous emotions from joy and exultation, to pain, loss and melancholy. Some landscape artists through their work seize us by the lapels, shake us, and shout at us “LOOK!”  While others whisper to us, showing us what we should have seen but didn’t. In my interpretation of the landscape I endeavor to simplify it. And in doing so provide these emotional whispers of the land to the viewer through my manipulation of textures, colors and line in the wonderful medium of encaustic. It is what I don’t depict, the parts I leave out that is sometimes the most important element of my work. I like to leave what I refer to as “visual openings” in my paintings, which invite you, the viewer to somehow partake in my work and in some small way make it your own.


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