Sky Scraping

Have you every noticed how often you look to the skies?  Whether it is watching the arrival of an oncoming storm or lying on our backs on a summer day lazily gazing to the skies.  Who hasn’t looked for shapes and figures in passing cumulus clouds or ran for cover from menacing skies of a storm.  The skies dictate the emotions of nature and often that of man.  At dusk they dazzle us with technicolour sunsets reminding us of their artistic prowess, whereas at night they shine and twinkle holding within their folds of darkness the possibility of other worlds.  The skies can make even the most powerful of men succumb to it’s greatness.

In this series I have elevated the sky to it’s rightful dominance.  At least half to three quarters of each canvas is devoted to the sky as the subject matter.  Using blowtorches, heat guns and irons to manipulate the wax across the surfaces of my boards I have endeavoured to capture the many moods and magnificence of the skies under which we inhabit.

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