“We are all drawn to both the comfortingly familiar and the mysterious, both qualities ever-present in the paintings of Susan Wallis.
She uses her unique mix of wax and pigments to conjure memories that you may not even have known that you had.
Cheryl Baxter, Elevation Gallery


Although very contemporary, there is also a specific warmness in Susan’s depiction of landscapes.  She has a distinctive way of layering texture
and colour—A perfect fusion of skillful creation and a simple, inviting take on the surrounding nature.  As a gallery director, I believe that art is
often an extension of the artist, their personality, their sensitivity and their perception of the world.  This is certainly true in Susan’s case.
Joanna Tomal, Towne Square Gallery

“I had been looking for something unique to purchase with a small legacy left to me by my father
and the painting I commissioned from you was so perfect.”
Tricia, United Kingdom

“From simplicity into the sublime”
Rocky Mountain Outlook, Alberta

“A symphony for the eyes”. 
Kingston Whig, Ontario

“Waxing Poetic. Wallis’ talented eye interprets the serene landscape as her hands and tools 
coax layers of wax in a sculptural form across her boards.”  
Watershed Magazine, Ontario

“My birch tree commission is a vivid reminder of our canoe trip through Algonquin Park in Autumn many years ago.
The coloured wax used by Susan Wallis in her wonderful paintings provide a dimension and depth 
to her images that
I feel as though I am walking amongst the Canadian trees yet again.”
Birgitt, Germany

“La texture des œuvres de Susan Wallis offre à qui les contemple à la fois une sensation de sérénité et d’effervescence.
Les paysages canadiens sont traité d’une manière résolument contemporaine”
Brian Brisson, Galerie Saint-Dizier, Montreal

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